The notion of visual story-telling holds great appeal for most audiences and can be leveraged to generate impactful connections – an incredibly important aspect in the cannabis industry. According to statistics, 87% of digital marketers use video content, and 51% say that it’s the most powerful tool for generating ROI. While all kinds of videos receive traction, telling your cannabis brand’s story through video content instantly promotes brand recognition, connection, and customer engagement.

Advantage Over Text

Pairing video content with your cannabis brand’s creative skills can help establish your brand identity and project that message.

The efficacy of videos over other SEO tools, such as written content, is undeniable. A video and text ad were compared side by side in a survey, revealing 480% more clicks on video than just text. What’s more, every click proved almost 500% cheaper. With increased engagement, visual cues such as your brand logo, color scheme, and style – you won’t be forgotten.

Building Trust

As we continue to move into targeting more Millennials and Gen Zers – there are certain practices that bode well with these generations. Millennials and Gen Zers look for authenticity and transparency when choosing their favorite cannabis brands. They want a business that they know, like, and trust. Video content allows a more personalized platform to educate your cannabrand’s target audience on what you do and who you are. Video content allows for a more authentic connection to be built in a shorter amount of time and can help showcase your cannabis brand’s unique personality.

Alive Media

To meet the growing demands of a cannabis community that values visual stimuli, video content adds movement and life to your brand. By catching glimpses of people behind the brand and associating voices, faces, and sentiment to your business, your brand story will no longer remain one to be read but will evolve into a three-dimensional tale.

Working with a digital marketing consultant to create powerful and emotion-driven visual stories can help achieve a retention rate of 95%.

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