If you make regular trips to your local Sephora, Ulta, or even salon, it’s hard to miss new products that contain CBD. We’ve seen how CBD food and drink has exploded within the past year, but CBD’s claims in skincare can’t be overlooked.

Organic skincare has become mainstream within the past few years. Companies have started to become more transparent about what is in their products as customers are far more curious about what they’re putting on their skin. Many dermatologists and beauty gurus prefer gentle cleansers and moisturizers as opposed to the harsh chemicals and exfoliants that can be damaging to the skin. It gives CBD, a natural botanical, a perfect spot in the market.

Research is still being done, but preliminary testing has shown that CBD in skincare products can rejuvenate dry skin and is jam-packed full of antioxidants. It helps reduce the production of sebum, offering relief to those with acne. Further studies show that CBD skincare products can also be effective in treating eczema and psoriasis, too.


Retail – Brick and Mortar and Online

CBD in beauty products isn’t as expensive as CBD as you might imagine. American Eagle is capitalizing on the idea – with a full line of beauty products such as; body creams, scrubs, lip balm, bath soak, aromatherapy oil, face wash, body lotion, and even CBD-infused face oil. With mood inspired names like “ZZZ”, “Chill”, and “Focus”, vibrant packaging and low prices, this new beauty line by American Eagle is easily accessible to anyone that shops in their stores or scrolls online.

American Eagle isn’t the only retail giant taking advantage of the highly popular CBD beauty world. Abercrombie & Fitch has a line of CBD products. Their strategy is slightly different, with a smaller beauty line consisting of only muscle balm, body lotion, sugar scrub, and lip balm. Prices are higher as well – with body lotion costing as much as 17 dollars. The biggest difference between AE and A&F is obvious – accessibility. AE’s CBD products are available in almost every store, and it’s easy to fill your online basket with assorted CBD beauty items. With A&F, there’s a red notification on the listing that limits shipping to states that have more restrictive CBD laws.


Equal Opportunity Beauty

When Ebony Clay, founder of Kayaire looked at the CBD market, she saw a glaring issue – there were not enough people of color that were operating brands and producing products. That’s why she created Kayaire, to tackle the skincare needs of minority men and women, especially those with complicated skin issues that would rather stay away from steroids and harsh chemicals.

The CBD skincare shop officially opens February of 2020 – but the website already lists four products. It’s a complete CBD skincare routine – cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and gentle exfoliating scrub. All products list their full ingredients right under the product description – with a focus on rejuvenating natural moisture, supplementing the skin’s cleansing process and maintaining skin pH. It’s clear they’re aiming to be the one-stop-shop for CBD skincare while representing a diminished market.


CBD in Professional Beauty

Spas and skincare treatment centers have certainly noticed the benefits of CBD in skincare and have begun to enhance their beauty products with CBD to produce luxury treatments. Alexandra Wagner Skincare in Venice Beach, already known for cutting edge technologies, gives you the option to add CBD to any existing treatment (providing that you’re over 21 and not pregnant or nursing). Wagner added medical-grade CBD to her already popular White Tiger facial, adding antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities while nourishing your skin. These valuable supplements don’t come without a lavish price tag either – the 75-minute facial with Alexandra herself will run you $350. You can also choose to do a mini refresh that comes with a more manageable price tag of $95.

Professional CBD skincare treatments aren’t only for LA beauty fanatics – Glo spa, two hours outside of New York, has also launched CBD products that can be added to most body or massage services. They make sure to note that their CBD products come from 40 minutes away, creating an emphasis on local partnerships. Prices for this spa are lower than the Alexandra Wagner Skincare in LA – with the CBD skincare addition only an extra $20.


Partnerships for Better Data

CBD skincare may be flourishing, but there are still a lot of claims that need to be clinically tested. Much like CBD in food and drink, there are still questions about long-term and short-term effects CBD has on the skin. Genoskin, best known for its proprietary ex vivo technology, has partnered with GeneMakers to advance CBD testing for both cosmetics and personal care.

Their primary goal is producing better labels for CBD skincare products. Because CBD is still mostly an unknown chemical, current labels may not reflect how much (or how little) CBD is in a CBD skincare product. By producing better labels, Genoskin and GeneMakers want to increase consumer knowledge in the market and set better standards in the CBD skincare market.


The science behind CBD skincare is advancing – do you know how best to promote the health benefits effectively? If you’re not sure, partner with us today to get started.

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