Expedite your brand’s success by merging
data analytics and innovative branding. 

Cannabis Brands is a boutique innovative branding, PR/content and data analytics cannabis marketing agency in Boston that strives to combine creative branding and data analytics to stimulate growth, making it easier for you to gain new customers. We’re concentrated on providing marketing expertise to your cannabis business.

What works for your cannabis brand doesn’t often mean doing what’s new or popular – some of our success stories are because those campaigns weren’t leaning on what’s new and trendy. We don’t strive to be “cool” – we strive to guarantee your marketing works, so your cannabis company can expand, and you remain our pleased client.

Cannabis Brands is an innovative cannabis marketing and dispensary marketing agency backed with over two decades of experience. 

We’re thrilled to take our experience in the cannabis industry to build a team of industry professionals to help Cannabrands begin to market themselves and break into competitive markets.

Exceptional results are what we strive for – and we take pride in it.

Step up your cannabis marketing game and do more with less. 

Your budget is always at the forefront of your plans, and we understand that. We bring almost twenty years of experience in not only regional but national markets as well. We bring the ability to do the research with the prior knowledge to create a creative brand, blended with an incredible marketing mix, so you don’t need to guess.

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Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry, with the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in many countries leading to a surge in demand for cannabis products. However, despite the growing acceptance of cannabis, the industry faces unique challenges in terms of marketing and advertising. Our blogs will explore the current state of cannabis marketing, the creative strategies that are being used to promote cannabis products, and effective marketing in the cannabis industry.  

Whether you are a marketer in the cannabis industry or simply curious about the challenges and opportunities of marketing in a highly regulated industry, our blogs will provide valuable insights into the world of cannabis marketing.