Expand your digital cannabis marketing strategy
and demonstrate the value of your brand.

We’ll work with you to build a digital cannabis marketing strategy tailored for your Cannabrand, so you can begin to reach new leads across key markets. We’ll help you choose the digital channel that fits your goals, build a campaign customized to the cannabis market, and capture customers and drive conversions.

Digital Cannabis Marketing

As a certified Google AdWords partner, we know how to conduct market research and make the right decisions to maximize your campaign’s success. With extensive oversight tools and resources, we can build successful online display, pay-per-click, video advertising, and retargeting campaigns that drive new opportunities.

When you combine the best digital cannabis marketing strategy for your brand and enable pay-per-click advertising, online display, retargeting and video advertising, the consumers you’re looking for will be able to find you.

Paid Social

We utilize boosted and sponsored posts to seize your customer’s interest on Twitter, LinkedIn, and additional platforms. By giving your consumers a compelling and engaging conversation online, your social media presence can initiate new leads, build brand awareness, and ultimately, gain new business.

Take advantage of all options social media advertising provides to expand your Cannabrand’s reach further than ever before.


We can work with you to devise an email marketing campaign, with the right message and impactful graphics, that improve your open rates and conversions. We also have tools for distribution and tracking, so we know who engages with your emails, what their actions are, and how we can adjust the campaigns.

With email marketing, you can expand your reach and educate your audience.

Paid Search &

With our experience, we know how to run campaigns across multiple platforms for multiple types of industries. While working with clients in fields like technology, advanced manufacturing and CPG, our digital advertising campaigns have delivered top-quality results  – above-average click-through rates, high view-through conversations, and maximum impressions all within your budget. We take pride in our work – and want the best for you.

We’re a Google AdWords Certified Partner – which means our digital team is required to meet thorough standards.


Video advertising is the best way to bring your Cannabrand’s story to life, and we can help you create a campaign for all video streaming services (TrueView, YouTube, and beyond) that fits within your budget. Our team is experienced at creating videos that ensnare your audience’s attention, so when you place marketing dollars behind them, you’ll be able to communicate your message rapidly and effectively.

By using the Google platform to set up your brand’s video advertising campaigns, our team can track, measure, and improve your video campaign to assure that your brand thrives.


Consumers have grown to rely heavily upon top influencers while making their purchasing decision, including what to buy and when the best time to buy is. Influencer campaigns can help to fill your sales funnel and connect you to fresh leads by connecting with your target demographic in ground-breaking and productive ways.

Break away from the pack with the right influencer campaign. We can help recommend the best one for your brand.

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