Give your Cannabrand’s story new life
and convert audiences into consumers

with our customizable cannabis video production services.

With video, you can engage your audience with audio and visual elements that connect with their emotions. With our video team, we will work with you to capture your message, whether it’s your company’s new product launch or mission, and create a video that is dynamic, memorable and inspirational.

Through cannabis video advertising, you’ll be able to create engaging, memorable conversations with your customers or prospects, and communicate your brand’s message effectively. Our expertise in digital cannabis advertising can be put to use with social media advertising, video advertising and other strategies that drive interest.


You have seven seconds to make an impression and generate interest. Professional commercials can help you expand your reach into potential markets. Not only do we value TV air-time, but the web has opened up even more opportunities for video advertising. We don’t just script, storyboard and shoot your commercial, we utilize demographic and geographic targeting tools to expand your exposure and increase conversion.

Let us handle the creative and the data side of your next commercial.

Explainer Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words – so imagine the capacity a short video has to portray your products and services. Grab your customer’s attention and broadcast how your company solves consumer’s problems. An explainer video is an excellent way to highlight new products and services or announce any upcoming changes.

Explainer videos capture their attention by highlighting the best part of your company.


By educating your customers, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty. Our team can develop high quality tutorials which can help you gain a following of future chefs, arts and craft aficionados, DIY devotees, or whoever you wish. From cooking simple meals to specialized auto-repair, our team is committed to making you the star and strengthening your brand.

Educating your consumers is a key element in creating long-term loyalty, and we know how to keep your customers coming back for more.

Recruiting Videos

Finding the best team to accelerate your brand is too often easier said than done. Videos that capture what’s so great about your company is key to helping your new employees find you. When you highlight rewarding work, challenges and payoffs, and your company’s unique personality, it makes it easier for potential new hires to see themselves working for you.

With a recruiting video backed by a recruiting campaign, we’ll help you grow your talent quickly.

Corporate Video

Vibrant videos that showcase your company’s unique history are an easy way to make a memorable first impression to consumers and make your business personable. The history of your company is key to paving the way to the future – showcase it on social media and your website, and easily grow the reputation of your brand.

Corporate video production is the leading way to display your credentials and company knowledge.

Video Blogs

Give your loyal customers exclusive access and let them see how their favorite products are made, and the hard work and genuine care that goes into your services. Video blogs help you build rapport with audiences by showcasing your personality and will help you become the Cannabrand your customers always turn to.

Video blogs are the new way to content blogs. Bring new life to your company through visuals and audio.

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