Our cannabis branding strategy services
increase market share, build awareness,
and improve customer loyalty.

Cannabis Brand’s team of open-minded and tech-savvy design enthusiasts have the expertise to build a powerful cannabis branding strategy that cuts through the clutter and engages current and prospective customers. Our strategy goes past colors and fonts, but embraces hierarchy and language that will make your Cannabrand shine – even in the most competitive market.

Market Research
& Planning

In today’s consumer culture, your customers are buying brands based on their social interactions and experiences, rather than product or price. So how do you get ahead? A strategy for market research is truly the only way to spur your Cannabrand past the competition and to the top of the market. By learning what your customers want (and expect) from you, we can help you gain market share and pave the way to a profitable brand.

Effective market research and a strong strategy is the best way to ensure your customer has the best experience.

Cannabis Branding
Strategy & Framework

Let us help you look beyond the logo and colors. Your Cannabrand can help you grow, improve brand advocacy and streamline future cannabis branding strategies so you are on the right track. Our team will work with you to build a strong brand, backed by branding guidelines and messaging framework, to ensure you deliver the right message to the right audience, every time.

Speaking directly to your consumers and gathering their insight is the best way to solidify your strategy.


Not only will our dynamic and talented design team give your brand new life, we do more. With fresh, pioneering ideas and groundbreaking executions, we make concepts tangible. And since flashy concepts are nothing without actual results and ROI, we make sure your Cannabrand works as hard as you do – with a goal of enticing new customers, telling your story, and solidifying your position in the cannabis market.

Without energetic creative design, your outstanding cannabis branding strategy could be missed.


Creating your corporate identity is a solid way to make a great first impression with consumers and beyond (think new investors). Unique visual characteristics are a prominent way to define your Cannabrand and making it so others can connect with you, creating that sought-after bond based on your corporate identity and branding.

Robust corporate identities coupled with enthralling design is the best way to build loyalty for your Cannabrand.

Sales &
Marketing Collateral

Having effective sales and marketing collateral can be critical during the sales cycle. Our team can write and design sell sheets, case studies and brochures, and can go as far as to offer a full corporate folder that houses everything. Having it all in one place makes for a smooth customer exchange.

Creating your clearest first impression goes hand in hand with your marketing materials.


Cannabis markets are getting more complex with increased products and new competition. How do you know if you stand out? Our creative team is focused on finding design solutions and creating memorable packaging that’s sure to stand out on the shelf, even in the trickiest markets.

Ensure that your Cannabrand packaging emerges on top and is always the subject of conversation.

Trade Show

Want your Cannabrand to stand out at your next conference? Let our team help you with your trade show booth, collateral materials and giveaways. We have the experience, time and time again creating amazing conference booths and materials that drive more traffic and interest during a busy trade show.

Create buzz at your next seminar with a dynamic booth branding strategy.


Event marketing is a powerful tool used to capture the awareness of a group of people. Assure that encouraging idea lasts by learning the most effective ways to encourage attendance to your events. Through invitations, follow through and event planning, we can help put a robust plan in action to gain new leads and lifetime customers.

Boost turnout at your event and make a lasting, positive relationship with probable new clients

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