According to the CDC older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more serious complications from COVID-19. But, what does
“underlying medical conditions” mean? It’s been a difficult task throughout this whole pandemic to understand the true impact that COVID-19 can have to each individual. For those who smoke (cannabis), vape and partake in these activities, have been told previously by the FDA that they’d be at a higher risk for COVID-19 complications – but recently the FDA has modified that stance – noting that the overall risk is actually unknown to whether smoking and vaping increases the risk of getting the coronavirus.


So, does smoking cannabis potentially make you a higher target for COVID-19?

Yes and No. Although there is no exact correlation to smoking and getting the novel coronavirus, medical specialists have noted that smoke of any kind, including that of cannabis, is an irritant and will inflame the respiratory tract. Just as cigarette smoke would do. Both are not healthy due to causing respiratory inflammation – and for the time being, if you can hold off on smoking – you should.


Protecting others as well as yourself

It’s known that coronavirus is spread through close contact and mainly from person-to-person. From coughing to sneezing the respiratory droplets that are caused by these actions are the main source of contact/spread of COVID-19. What you may not think about is that smoking cannabis, during these times may also be affecting those around you. Theoretically, if you find yourself smoking and get a cough reaction, you’re essentially coughing the virus into the room – spreading it – without even knowing it due to many infected people being asymptomatic.



Good news! If you are dying to smoke, edible and drinkable forms of cannabis are okay – according to medical specialists. According to Erick Kaufman, an internal medicine specialist and medical director for Doctors of Cannabis, “THC, even in small doses, even if it’s taken by mouth, can be a little bit of a bronchial dilator, so theoretically, it may even be protective against respiratory distress.” So, that’s great! In a time like we are in, fighting a respiratory and very contagious illness, keeping your lungs and the respiratory system free of any “toxin” will help you remain healthy and free of COVID-19.

Just remember –stay safe and healthy!


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