Today, it’s hard to miss CBD products – they’ve got dispensaries, it’s easily accessible with one click online, and it’s showing up at your local gas station. But as scientists and growers continue to study the cannabis plant, they’re learning how to harness other cannabinoids. That’s how the market found its next star – CBG.

CBG (cannabigerol) is often referred to as the “mother” of the cannabis plant. Early in the growing process, CBG is often converted into CBD and THC. Since the plant is only 1% CBG, harvesting CBG by itself is difficult, expensive, and produces an incredible amount of biomass. Companies that are interested in producing CBG based products are experimenting with growing cannabis plants with high CBG, making harvesting easier and less wasteful.

CBG’s value lies in its potential, with both mental and physical health benefits. In a study done in Europe, CBG can be an effective antibacterial to treat MRSA, which runs rampant in hospitals and is resistant to common antibiotics. Studies in animals show that CBG has the potential to be used as an anti-inflammatory and as a potent neuro-protectant. While it’s too early to make specific claims, it can open new doors for those with inflammatory bowel disease, possibly Huntington’s Disease, and perhaps even cancer.

Scientists are also beginning to uncover the effects of CBG when used to treat mental health conditions. With a minimal amount of research done, CBG could block serotonin receptors and could have the ability to increase a certain amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter to calm the central nervous system. These studies have scientists excited about the prospects that CBG has to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression without harsh medications.

Due to the possibility of these benefits, CBD companies are quickly rolling out CBG products that work alongside existing SKUs, and new CBG SKUs that shine on their own. CBG can be sold in the same way as CBD can, including tinctures, oil, isolate and more. Oregon-grown company Hemptown USA took the opportunity to showcase their new line of CBG SKUs at MJBizCon in Las Vegas this November. They debuted their new Hemptown Chew, a mint-flavored gum that’s a “blended blast of cannabinoids anytime, anywhere.”

Hemptown USA doesn’t just want to get on the bandwagon – they’re positioning themselves to be the leader in the CBG industry. Wholesale crude, isolate, distillate and flower are available on their site for pricing inquiries, and they’re fully capable of producing white label products for those interested in the growing CBG market. They’ve also learned from past missteps of the CBD industry, clearly labeling additional organic additives in their capsules, showing their 2019 harvest from seed to extraction, and making the ability to request additional information about their product as easy as an email form.

The growing interest in CBD, CBG, and cannabis isn’t likely to slow down in 2020. Are you sure your company is highlighting your best products this year? If not, partner with us today to get started.

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