Not all cannabis is created equal, and as the industry becomes larger, the target audience grows right along with it. There is no “average” cannabis user, people of all ages and backgrounds are utilizing cannabis for different reasons. A major benefit for most cannabis users is the fact that it’s a “natural medicine.” Recently, many cannabis brands have taken it a step further into the wellness space by launching vegan cannabis. One standout brand is Barker Canna Co., which belongs to Travis Barker, a musician and wellness advocate. But before we dive into this latest vegan cannabis brand, let’s explore its origins. 

The Demand for Vegan Cannabis 

Cannabis comes in many different forms these days, from traditional flower to edibles and concentrates. As a result, there is more room for the use of ingredients that could impact users’ health. With vegans typically aligning with cruelty-free products, many cannabis users prefer vegan cannabis for peace of mind and environmental benefits. Some cannabis users expect a full vegan process from fertilizer to ingredients, while others are focused on the directly consumed ingredients. For those utilizing cannabis for its wellness properties, vegan options are essential for ultimate wellness. 

Cultivating Compassion: Veganic Cannabis Farming 

One of the cornerstones of vegan cannabis is veganic farming, a method of cultivation that eschews the use of animal by-products such as bone meal, fish emulsion, and manure, opting instead for plant-based alternatives. By relying on composted plant matter, veganic farmers can create nutrient-rich soil that fosters robust plant growth without relying on animal inputs. This approach not only aligns with vegan principles but also promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact. 

Crafting Conscious Products: Vegan-Friendly Cannabis Edibles and Extracts 

In addition to veganic cultivation practices, the rise of vegan cannabis extends to the production of cannabis-infused edibles and extracts. Traditionally, many edible products have contained animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin, honey, or dairy, making them off-limits to vegan consumers. However, innovative companies are now formulating vegan-friendly alternatives using plant-based ingredients such as fruit pectin and coconut oil, allowing vegans to enjoy a wide range of cannabis-infused treats without compromising their values. 

Navigating the Market: Finding Vegan Cannabis Products 

As the demand for vegan cannabis continues to grow, navigating the market to find suitable products can be daunting. However, several resources are available to help consumers identify vegan-friendly options. Online directories, certification programs, and consumer reviews can provide valuable guidance and assurance that products meet vegan standards. Additionally, engaging directly with cannabis brands and dispensaries to inquire about their cultivation and production practices can offer insight into their commitment to veganism and sustainability. 

How Barker Canna Co. Gets It Right 

A well-known public figure, Travis Barker has taken his experience as a musician, father, and human being to inform his vegan cannabis brand. According to their website, Barker Canna Co. is “more than just a brand – it’s a journey that sparks inspiration and self-expression. Our collection aims to elevate your cannabis experience by offering a unique range of vegan edibles, infused pre-rolls, and all-in-one vapes.” What stands out with this USP? They offer an elevated, exclusive experience through their products that are meant to complement the customer’s journey. In other words, they’re more than a cannabis product.  

This approachable, elevated cannabis experience opens cannabis to a whole new group of people. For those who may be wary of the ingredients or quality of the cannabis they consume, Barker Canna Co. puts those concerns to rest. They have launched an intentional line of edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes to make accessing and consuming cannabis easier for those looking for non-flower methods. Their branding, paired with their products, is cohesive with their mission of elevating the cannabis experience. 

Embracing a Greener Future: The Promise of Vegan Cannabis 

The rise of vegan cannabis represents more than just a dietary preference; it embodies a broader shift towards conscious consumption and ethical living. By supporting vegan cannabis products, consumers have the opportunity to align their values with their purchasing decisions, promoting sustainability, compassion, and wellness within the cannabis industry. As this movement continues to grow, it has the potential to inspire positive change not only within the cannabis community but also in society at large. 

Vegan cannabis reflects a growing awareness of the interconnectedness of our choices and their impact on animals, the environment, and our own well-being. By embracing veganism within the cannabis industry, we can cultivate a more compassionate and sustainable future for all. So, whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a newcomer to the plant-based lifestyle, consider exploring the world of vegan cannabis and join the green revolution today. 

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