Croptober” has come to an end, so now that you’ve harvested your newest cannabis strains, and started distributing it throughout your dispensary, it’s time to sell it or store it. When stored properlycannabis can last up to two years and taste brand new. However, improper cannabis storage can leave strains degraded, losing considerable potency and flavor, and unable to sellJust like a fine wine or whiskey, cannabis should be properly stored in a cool, dark place. For more tips on storing cannabis, here is our how-to guide for storing cannabis strains in your dispensary 

 Top Toking Temperature  

Mold and mildew thrive in warmer environments, so keeping cannabis in a cool, dark place is incredibly important. Too little heat can degrade the cannabinoids affecting the strains’ chemical compounds. However, too much heat can dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes that have spent months developing while in the drying stage of growing. The only time your strain should be experiencing high heat is when it’s sitting in your customer’s bowl being lit up.  

Additionally, don’t store cannabis in the refrigerator or freezer just to try and maintain cooler temperatures. There are too many fluctuations in humidity and temperature that can ruin the flavor and aroma of your strains. Trichomes also become brittle when frozen and can cause the strain to break apart.  

Light Up Without Light Damage  

Just like how UV rays can damage our skin, they can also damage your cannabis strain. UV rays break down many organic and synthetic materials found in cannabis strains that have spent months being grown and perfected. Unfortunately, there’s no SPF for marijuana so keeping it out of direct sunlight is your best bet to protect your cannabis from UV damage. This can also help you maintain a constant, cool temperature as mentioned above.  

Harvesting Humidity  

There’s a fine line between preventing mold and avoiding drying out your flower; humidity plays a large role in this process. Keep your cannabis between 59% and 63% relative humiditywhen stored to maintain and enhance color, consistency, aroma, and flavor. This will keep mildew and other mold contaminants away from your strains, and it will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Air Controlled Cannabis  

While cannabis needs oxygen during growing and curing, storing cannabis in aairtight container such as a Mason jar or other glass jar with a sealed lid will allow for just the right amount to keep it fresh and true to its original form. Too little air can affect the relative humidity and allow mold and mildew to ruin your stash. But too much air can speed up degradation, so make sure it’s in a sealed container up until it’s in your customers’ hands.  

If you’re finding that some strains aren’t flying off the shelves and you’re having to store them longer, the above tips should help. However, Cannabis Brands can also help ensure all your strains sell quickly with the proper marketing tools to enhance your dispensary’s searchability and brand.  

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