Five Questions About OTT Advertising

OTT, commonly known as “Over The Top”, is the choice lexicon used by industry professionals to describe watching streaming video on-demand, over the internet.


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The rate of popularity in OTT is growing rapidly, with over 192 million Americans using an OTT service like Hulu or Apple TV+. Studies done by the Video Advertising Bureau show that after seeing a product advertised, 65% of people report that they actively search the internet to learn more.

OTT allows the targeting of Millennials and Generation Z with absolute precision in a way traditional mediums, like television or radio, simply can’t anymore.

Our complete guide is filled with the answers to the five most common OTT questions.

  • Why is OTT useful for my business?
  • Which demographics watch OTT ads?
  • How affordable is OTT advertising?
  • How do I create a television commercial?
  • How can OTT advertising help my company grow?

Unsure of where to start when it comes to OTT? We can help. Cannabis Brands is a full-service digital advertising firm with over two decades of experience. Our team can help you produce a commercial that’s adjusted specially for OTT advertising. As a bonus, we’ve established working relationships with OTT service providers to ensure that you get lucrative, cost-effective advertising rates.