The use of cannabis is medically legal in 37 states of the United States, and it is recreationally legal in 18 states. As cannabis becomes increasingly legal, more and more providers and retailers are entering the game. In order for your cannabis brand to stand out in the current boom of growth in the industry, it’s important to hit the ground running with a solid cannabis marketing strategy.  

Basics of Cannabis Marketing 

Cannabis marketing is arguably one of the harder industries to market for. Due to cannabis still being outlawed federally, there are many laws and regulations in place surrounding the advertising, marketing, and sale of cannabis products – these vary by state but are consistently strict. However, for those who have legalized cannabis – both medical or recreational – ensuring that your brand skirts the marketing regulations is crucial to solid brand growth. Although some marketing agencies will be opposed to or unable to work with cannabis brands, there are some agencies who specialize in this type of marketing. Hiring a marketing agency who is experienced and knowledgeable about cannabis marketing can level up your brand power substantially. 

When it comes to the advertising aspect of cannabis marketing, you will find incredibly strict laws and policies. Even where some states have more relaxed regulations on cannabis advertising, many of the popular platforms marketers use to advertise have anti-cannabis policies. Social media platforms in particular are notorious for their anti-cannabis advertising and content policies, some of which being: 

  • Facebook  
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter 
  • Google 

Without being able to freely advertise without boundaries on some of the most highly trafficked social and marketing platforms, new cannabis brands must get creative from the start when establishing their marketing strategy. 

Although you cannot utilize some of the core marketing tools of these digital platforms, including the paid promotional features, some platforms still allow for the presentation of content and products related to the cannabis industry. However, within these loopholes there are still limitations. For example, on Instagram and Facebook you may present and showcase products, deals, and other cannabis related content, but it must not indicate that customers may purchase or receive goods or services via the platform. Essentially, you cannot use Instagram for Facebook as a “storefront” or facilitator in the sale or distribution of cannabis products. Even still, these platforms and many others have no problem barring cannabis marketing efforts of any kind when reported or flagged – cannabis brands must essentially post at their own risk and cannot rely on these efforts only. 

Find Your Audience Early On 

The key to a successful cannabis brand is identifying your audience early on, because the cannabis industry varies by state – and even by county – and a lot of branding and marketing efforts are influenced by the geographical or physical makeup of the audience. Your marketing efforts will essentially be more finely targeted to people in your general area, and the sooner you find the best way to reach your customer base the better. Thinking creatively is essential in any cannabis marketing strategy. 

 Your marketing strategy should focus on what you bring to the table and why you are different, and better than the competition. As the competition is also newer to the industry due to the recent legalization, you do not have to worry about being able to outlast grandfathered companies who have a loyal customer base already. Instead, you want to focus your cannabis marketing strategy on standing out to your customers with how you are revolutionizing the industry with your products or services, which will draw them in and initiate the relationship. From there, your products and customer service are what keep your customers coming back, eventually building customer loyalty. 

It’s All About a Stable Foundation 

Even though entering the cannabis industry after it becomes legal in your state can seem daunting, with a solid marketing strategy you can establish a successful cannabis company. You will want to keep in mind all of the regulations and policies of not only the state in which your licensed, but also of the platforms which you choose to market your cannabis brand. In order to build a successful cannabis business from the start, you will need to fully understand who your audience is, and how to get to them – both content-wise and product distribution wise. From there, the help of an experienced, professional cannabis marketing company can take your strategy to the next level. 

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