Every cannabis business owner wants to build an interactive, user-friendly website. But how can you ensure prospective and existing clients find your site before landing on the home page of a competitor? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO).

It is a known fact that most web users only click the links shown on the first page of their search results – and usuallEvery cannabis business owner wants to build an interactive, user-friendly website, but how can you ensure your website will stand out against competitors? A powerful SEO strategy. y just on the first few links at the top. Also, many users believe the organic search results on the first page are more reliable than paid ads. Focusing on SEO can markedly improve your website’s performance by increasing its rank in search engine results pages, effectively expanding the number of visitors to your site.

How to Improve SEO

Improving your site’s search engine rankings can be achieved with some simple changes. Think about the keywords that most prospects in the cannabis market would enter when searching for your business. Whether it’s “dispensary,” “cannabis grower,” or “cannabis marketing” – Google Ads has a keyword tool that can assist you in discovering the most popular search terms for your cannabis business. Integrate those keywords into your site’s content, but be careful not to “keyword stuff.” With the increasing growth of digitization, Google has gotten smarter. If you choose to enter keywords in places that don’t make sense, your website could be considered spam – driving prospective customers away. Strategically place keywords into your site’s copy where it makes sense.

Keywords should also be linked to external sites or other pages on your site with additional information so that they become indexed by search engines. It is more beneficial to your site’s rankings to link keywords rather than linking non-descript phrases, like “Click here for more.”

Where to Put Keywords

Keywords should be incorporated into your site’s URL address, page titles, photo captions, and blog posts. Another practice to embrace is linking your site to top industry-related and trusted sites and requesting reciprocal links from them to boost credibility. Additionally, with social media’s popularity which is increasing in the cannabis industry, linking to your site through your interactions and posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram will prove to boost rankings.

The effectiveness of your SEO strategies can be easily tracked and measured by periodic test searches for your keywords in major search engines. If you don’t have the time or skills to tackle SEO on your own but want to improve your site’s rankings – Cannabis Brands can design and manage an SEO strategy that will bolster your cannabis brand’s online presence and bring in those coveted leads.


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