Much like produce from a grocery store, your cannabis brand can become outdated or, in other words, expired. That’s why a cannabrand refresh, or upgrade, could be in your future. Your cannabis brand goes far beyond a flashy logo or an inviting color scheme. It’s the story of you and your business that comes together under one roof. Make sure your story is still being heard with a cannabis branding refresh.

How to Rebrand Your Cannabrad

The following are a few tips and tricks on refreshing your cannabrand.

Reestablish Your Cannabrand’s Audience

When first creating your cannabis business, this was most likely a huge part of your branding. You had to find and establish your key demographic(s), so you knew who you were marketing too. However, as you build your business and become more successful in your industry, you may find that your initial target audience has shifted. Your cannabrand now has key, first-hand market research of what works and what doesn’t, and who is buying from you and who isn’t. Once you’ve established, or reestablished, your target market, you’re ready to start rebranding to fit that audience’s preference.

Give your Logo a Facelift

Changing the look and tone of your logo can give it a new appearance without all the headaches. If your cannabis business has already matured in its industry, a whole new logo could confuse your clientele. A smaller-scale logo refresh, including changes to the font and color scheme, could be exactly the fresh take your brand needs.

Redefine Your Mission Statement

There are ten important questions to ask when creating your mission statement, some that you should ask yourself include: why are you in business, what is your business, and how are you conducting business? Your messaging foundations may change as your cannabis business grows, and that’s okay. That is why redefining what your mission, vision and goals is so vital in a rebrand. By answering the why, what and how of your business, you can effectively redefine your mission.

Update your Cannabrand’s Slogan

A good slogan captures your company’s mission and values in a catchy way. If your mission statement and values have been updated to reflect a different goal, then changing your slogan to match that is a good idea. However, if your core values have remained the same and your slogan still grabs the attention of your audience, then changing it isn’t necessary. Your slogan is part of your brand that is recognized easily by your clientele, it’s important that you don’t confuse them by changing too much about your brand.

Is a Rebrand in Your Future?

Now that we’ve established the different elements that could be included in your brand refresh, how do you know whether a rebrand is in your future?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are we shifting into new products, services or markets?
  • Are our sales increasing rapidly or hitting a dead-end?
  • Are our competitors starting to rise above us?
  • Does our business feel out-of-date?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, that is your indication that a cannabrand refresh could be in your future.

The most important point to keep in mind is that your brand is your business’s story. Share it often and share it proudly. No matter the changes you make to the look of your brand, keep the overarching message the same and you will come out on top.

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