Launching a new campaign for your B2B cannabis company can be an excellent opportunity to build excitement around your business. According to Forbes, the legal cannabis market is expected to reach $43 Billion by 2025, so many cannabis business owners will be looking get the most out of selling their products and services. However, there are many factors that must be carefully considered before a campaign can be launched to achieve the maximum desired success. We will walk through the steps involved in launching a successful cannabis campaign and give you some advice on how to help your B2B cannabis company avoid some pitfalls along the way. 

  1. Offer a Unique Selling Point

In any industry, there are hundreds or thousands of companies competing for attention from the same businesses you are trying to work with. So how do you stand out? Developing a unique selling point (USP) is crucial for any business — and especially for startups looking to break into an emerging market as volatile and rapidly expanding as this one. Your USP should be clear and concise so that prospects can easily understand what makes you different from all the other options available in their area. Do you provide the cheapest order management rates? Is your support team unparalleled in terms of customer service and 24/7 support? Do you provide the best all-in-one platform and user experience of any B2B cannabis company on the market? Determining your USP is key to understanding the value you have to offer and launching a successful campaign that will generate new business opportunities for your company. For example, if you’re selling software that tracks employee hours and attendance, your USP could be “the most accurate timekeeping software in the industry” or “the simplest way to manage your employees’ schedule with minimal effort.” Once you have it nailed down, work on communicating your USP throughout all of your marketing efforts so that prospects make the association when they see your advertisements or sales materials.

  1. Generate Excitement

If you want to launch a successful cannabis campaign, you must first generate excitement about it. As a B2B cannabis company in an emerging market, businesses that are excited about your products and services are much more likely to purchase them – plain and simple. There are two main ways to generate excitement for your new campaign – by creating an innovative product or service, or by offering something different than what’s currently available (your USP). Remember that your campaign should be focused on solving a problem that people have. For a B2B cannabis company, this could be an online service that no one else offers, or a special offer on products that your customers can’t get anywhere else. For a wholesaler, you may offer a one-of-a-kind product, like the best payment processing software, or a cannabis marketplace platform that provides a better user experience than any other platform in the industry. Once you have a truly remarkable product that people can get excited about, it is time to promote it.

The difficulty with marketing in the cannabis industry comes with the complicated state and federal laws that surround it. Most cannabrands rely on digital advertising to generate hype, show their offerings, and tell their stories, but they must do so cautiously so as not to violate any laws or regulations around cannabis advertising. Traditional marketing (print, broadcast, direct mail) can also be an effective way for cannabis brands to elevate themselves, but the same level of caution is required there as well. Be sure to fully understand the federal and state laws surrounding cannabis marketing before you promote your business, and be as effective as possible with your promotion strategies while staying within the legal parameters you are required to follow to avoid penalties and fines. 

  1. Create an Amazing Brand Experience 

Once you’ve launched your campaign, you need to build up some traction by creating a memorable brand experience to get people to want to do business with you. This means creating compelling content that’s designed to attract visitors and generate engagement. It also means making sure that your brand has a strong social media presence. If you are struggling to come up with a unique brand experience that will bring in customers and keep them coming back, consider that at the fundamental level, people desire something different, something new, and they want to get what they are paying for. Do not overthink it – focus on leaving a strong impression and keeping your promises to your customers and you will be rewarded for it. 

  1. Tell Your Story 

Branding is an essential part of any business, especially when it comes to selling products and services online, and telling your backstory is one of the most important components of your brand messaging strategy. It is also one of the first things people notice about your company. So, how do you decide what kind of brand identity you should use? Start by asking yourself some questions: 

  • What does your company stand for?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • Why should they buy from you instead of your competitors?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start brainstorming ideas for your logo, tagline, and website design. With your brand image and messaging figured out, provide a short, captivating account of how you got into the business and why you are more than just another money maker looking to get ahead of the competition. Evolving your brand into a household name that people recognize means providing value beyond just your products and services. Remember this: a good product at a good price will get a customer to buy once, while a smart brand will market to that customer to get them to come back multiple times, but the best brand will provide an experience that keeps that customer for life. 

  1. Build a Website

When deciding how to promote your cannabis campaign, you should start with a website that will help you promote it. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and that it includes a clear call to action. Also, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly so that users can access it easily when they’re out and about, which is where they will most often be and where you will want to connect with them. You can use a website building platform like Squarespace to build a website for your business. It’s easy to set up an account and start building your site right away and you can choose from thousands of templates and customize them as needed. For visibility and traffic to a website, all companies must have a SEO and engaging content strategy because in 2022 and beyond, digital rules. Need help building a website? Contact us! 


Positioning yourself to launch a successful cannabis campaign for your B2B cannabis company that will bring in more business is not the easiest task, but by following the guidelines in this blog, you can do it in a way that elevates your cannabis brand and brings in more customers. As we discussed, it starts with choosing the right USP to draw attention to your cannabis brand. From there, you get people talking about your offerings on social media and provide a meaningful brand experience to keep the conversation going. Finally, tell your story in a way that resonates with your target audience and create a website that is responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized. Still stuck on branding or making a website for your cannabis business? Contact Cannabis Brands today and let us boost your online presence for your brand and build a website for you that drives customer loyalty and higher traffic to your site! 

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