Cannabis branding is tough given the diversity of clientele that now exists for cannabrands. Do you want to communicate wild fun or demure sophistication? Picking a direction for your cannabis branding is important because, like the old saying goes, “You can’t please everyone.” You can, however, commit to a solid cannabis demographic and reap the benefits of successful cannabis branding. 

Get up to Date on Marketing Trends 

With ever more states legalizing cannabis for medical or recreational use, it’s important to stay on top of marketing trends. Earlier this year, we published a list of marketing trends for cannabis branding. Let us review them here. 

First keep your branding local. Partner with dispensaries, growers, and other members of the cannabis industry in your area. Second, aim for good search engine rankings. Third, use social media, particularly Instagram, but use it carefully. Fourth, keep your brand authentic. Fifth, mind regulations, and be sure not to advertise in an area where cannabis is banned. 

Medical or Recreational 

This is a relatively new question for cannabrands as recreational cannabis was only passed in various state jurisdictions beginning in 2012. Now, 18 states and the District of Columbia have made recreational cannabis legal with another 13 decriminalizing its use. Still, cannabis for medical purposes greatly outpaces recreational cannabis with 36 states allowing its use for medicinal purposes. 

You do not necessarily need to choose whether you will market your cannabrand for medical or recreational use. However, the cannabis branding you do choose may deter certain consumers who are seeking therapeutic relief if you appeal too heavily to the recreational market. 

Squaring the circle of cannabis’s many uses should be a goal of your mission statement. If you appear familiar with cannabis’s medical benefits, you may be able to attract customers who are turned off by other brands’ appeal to fun and mind expansion. 

Logo and Slogan 

Your logo and slogan are often the first impression that you make as a cannabrand, so getting them right is crucial. Your logo should reflect your values as a company, and your slogan should invite consumers to want to learn more. 

We have already covered the five rules to follow when designing a logo, so we will only summarize them here. You want a logo that suggests rather than shows, something simple with colors that reflect your values as a company. Your logo should have a clear, legible font that your target audience will find pleasing. 

Getting a catchy slogan is more than just thinking up a clever pun. It should tell your customers who you are and what you want to bring to the world. This is not a literal checklist, but a good slogan is short and easy to remember. There is no need to worry about creating a grammatically complete sentence with a slogan. Some brands just use a series of nouns or verbs. 

Social Media 

Maintaining a healthy social media presence is vital to any 21st century business, and cannabis branding is no exception. One of the more popular platforms for marketing has become Instagram with its image-based format and growing number of features. Instagram marketing for cannabis products can be tricky, so be sure to read our article on cannabis branding on Instagram. 

The thing to remember is that, in the US, cannabis is still illegal federally, and the FDA still recognizes no medical benefits of cannabis products. Be very careful about claiming any medical benefits of your product on social media, even if they are recognized by your state. 

Cannabis Branding 

The tips here will help you get started building your cannabrand. The marketing wizards at Cannabis Brands – a full-service cannabis marketing agency – can help you stay up to date on marketing trends, find the perfect balance for your messaging, develop a logo and slogan, and assist in creating social media content. Contact us today to build your cannabrand with us. 

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