As legalized cannabis production and distribution is a new industry with many legal restrictions, cannabis marketers must be very careful, as well as creative, with their marketing strategies. Creative cannabis marketing strategies can include producing creative video content, collaborating with other cannabis brands, and utilizing third party cannabis directory websites. 

Use Creative Videos 

With these restrictions in mind, creative cannabis marketing strategies are more important than ever. You can use social media postings, including videos, to indirectly market your company and your cannabis brand. You can share videos or content about your staff, workspace, events, or local growers. Video content gives you the opportunity to tell your cannabis brand’s story in an effective and engaging way. You can also engage with your social media users through conversational posts and hashtags that are unique to your brand. 

Producing video content for social media marketing has proven to be more effective than written content. Social media users are more likely to click on videos than articles because videos share information faster than written words. In a previous article, we discussed using Instagram Reels, which are 15 to 30 second videos that quickly engage viewers and potential customers. These videos can be used on other social media platforms as well as your company’s Web site to drive traffic and engagement with your brand. 

Collaborate with Other Cannabis Companies 

Collaborating with other cannabis companies and brands is an excellent way to engage and educate new customers. When you work with another dispensary or grower in your area, you are better able to reach your target audience and have more knowledge of local regulations. These collaborations can help increase your company’s visibility and credibility. 

Use Third-Party Cannabis Directories 

Third-party websites like Leafwire and MjlLink are business social networking sites that are similar to but specific to cannabis companies and products. There is also, which provides information on local dispensaries and cannabis deals as well as educational articles. 

Keep Regulations in Mind 

While using any cannabis marketing strategies, it’s important to be aware of what the laws and regulations in your state, community, and social media platform are before posting anything that may lead to penalties for your business. While Instagram is generally less stringent for cannabis marketing compared to Facebook, Instagram has set certain Community Guidelines that affect cannabis marketing strategies. These guidelines include this rule: “buying or selling firearms and illegal or prescription drugs (even if it’s legal in your region) is not allowed.” This includes listing specific products and prices as well as how to buy them. 

 While these cannabis marketing strategies may be different from traditional marketing strategies, there are ways to market your cannabrand creatively, effectively, and legally. 

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