We are currently living in a new world. One where businesses and employees are fighting to stay alive and remote working is becoming the new normal. With business avenues and realities changing, how is the Cannabis market holding up? Well, in fact, actually quite well.

As Americans are forced to stay home, cannabis sales have skyrocketed. California saw a 56% increase in legal sales in California alone, while Oregon surged 75% and Washington an impressive 33% rise. As most states are labeling cannabis stores as “essential” businesses, these brands are doing quite well in a dismal overall market as its target audience is forced to stay home.

Some states and their cannabis stores are not so lucky. In Massachusetts, all recreational sales have been shut down by Governor Charlie Baker – only medical use/sales are to be continued. But companies that have been put on a temporary hiatus in Massachusetts are not stopping in terms of creating a product – but the product they are now creating is not marijuana but rather hand sanitizer. Revolutionary Clinics, one of the top cannabis providers in MA, recently completed the first 100-gallon batch of hand sanitizer and had it packaged and ready to be donated to local hospitals this month. Even in a time where all production of their product has been halted, companies like Revolutionary Clinics are working hard to help others in a time of crises.

Overall, we are in a time of change and adaptation. Luckily, for most of the cannabis market – sales are rising. But as we noted earlier, not every business is in that boat. It’s how you adapt and take the difficult times you are in and turn them into positives for your brand and your audience that will help you in the future. Marketing your brand, staying in the green and maintain sales is not an easy task but we at Cannabis Brands are here to help.

If you’re interested in staying up to date on COVID-19 and its effects on the cannabis market, Headset is a site that continues to share updates daily of this pandemic in relation to the cannabis market.

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