As the direction for cannabis marketing is always changing, the worst thing you can do is ignore those changes. With a new year approaching, there’s bound to be multiple new cannabis marketing trends in order to help give you an upper hand against competitors. Some marketing trends to keep in mind when staying relevant to your target audience may include, becoming better storytellers, the rise of AI in digital marketing, and transitioning to mobile-first marketing. 

Become a Storyteller 

It is no surprise that with the rise of the cannabis industry that social media is one of the top marketing tools to utilize in marketing for your cannabis brand. A lot of companies will use social media in order to sell their products, however, in 2022 transitioning into being a storyteller rather than pushing to sell will help your brand stand out.  

Even cannabis brands need to incorporate storytelling into their marketing strategies. Consumers are tired of hearing how amazing your products or services are and would rather know the story behind your brand. Companies will go on and on describing their products, and what their lacking is the display of real-life advantages that the product has.  

When exploring new ways to be a storyteller for your cannabis brand, consider video content. The notion of visual storytelling holds great appeal for most audiences and can be leveraged to generate impactful connections. When choosing a cannabis brand, consumers are looking for authenticity and transparency, so don’t be afraid to showcase your results. Using video content allows you to educate your target audience on what you do and who you are.  

Though it won’t sell directly, storytelling is a new way of marketing that will leave your customers thinking “Hmm, maybe I need to try this product.” 

The Rise of AI Marketing 

If you’re looking for a higher rank on search engines like Google in 2022, it may be important to use AI conjunction for SEO and other digital marketing. In the new year, AI will be used as an effective tool for marketing purposes. Not only does AI report on basic tasks like website traffic, but it can also recommend keywords to optimize your cannabis company’s search ranking or even predict what customers might buy in their future transactions based off past browsing history and purchases.  

Looking for a wide-range approach to digital marketing for your business? AI may just be the cannabis marketing trend of 2022 for you! 

Mobile-first Marketing 

As we transition into a new year, we also need to transition into making more mobile-friendly content. Users are straying away from desktops and viewing more of their content via their smartphones or tablets. You may want to optimize your website for your cannabis brand so it automatically adjusts to smaller screens. Another key cannabis marketing trend may be creating a separate app for your cannabis brand that your customers can download to their smartphones/tablets.  

One of the most important trends for cannabis brands in 2022 will be mobile-first marketing, so it’s vital to start now to be ahead of the curve in order to know who your target audience is and what they need from your cannabis company! 

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