Helping customers choose the right cannabis products sounds like a simple enough task, right? They tell you they want bang for their buck, so naturally you suggest the strain with the highest THC content. A week later, they return to complain that they took one hit of that stuff and were fast asleep before getting a chance to enjoy their cannabis purchase. What a waste! The lesson here: if you really want to help your cannabis customers, there’s much more that goes into selecting a cannabis product than looking at its THC content.

In this comprehensive marketing guide, you’ll learn how to ensure your cannabis customers are completely satisfied with their purchases by making it as easy as possible for them to understand their options and make an informed buying decision. From effective cannabis marketing and product labeling to educating purchasers about other factors such as terpene profile and strain genetics, this guide will take the guesswork out of catering to your consumers and give you tips on how to boost customer satisfaction! Let’s get started: 

Help Your Cannabis Customers: Use Effective Cannabis Marketing Strategies 

Cannabis marketing is a new and ever-changing venture, so keeping your brand messaging and marketing materials up to date is important to 1) ensure the optimal customer experience and 2) abide by the industry’s tough rules and regulations. Fun strain names and exclusive deals and discounts are totally fair game in the canna-sphere, and you’ll want to exercise your creative noodle to entice your “heady” customer base. However, given the restrictive nature of digital cannabis marketing amidst its federally illegal status, it’s important to understand what you can and can’t do to promote your cannabusiness. Before taking your chances with social media marketing and risking your Twitter or Google Ads account getting banned, here are safe cannabis marketing strategies you can implement right away to help your cannabis customers: 

Set up and optimize a Google Business Profile for your cannabis business. This will enable it to appear in local search results on Google Maps. For example, let’s say you create a profile for your marijuana dispensary and optimize your listing with details about your location, business category, and a brief description. Now, nearby potential customers searching Google Maps for terms like “dispensary” or “cannabis store” will be able to see your business on the map and be more likely to call or visit.

Feature your products on your website. One of the first things customers will want to do when they discover your store through a search engine or Google Maps is visit your website and browse your products. It’s important to provide an online menu as it makes ordering a breeze for your customers. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase all the amazing products you have to offer! Optimize your website to provide an optimal user experience, use multiple high-quality images to showcase what you’re offering, and be sure to display any deals, discounts, or exclusive offers you are currently running.

Encourage customer reviews. One of the biggest deciding factors for customers deciding between visiting your dispensary or your competitors’ is the number of positive reviews. Getting more people to give your business that magical 5-star rating is less about begging one individual and more about consistently engaging with all of your customers at every point of contact and ensuring they always have the best experience possible. Whether they visit your optimally designed and user-friendly website or walk into your inviting store and are immediately greeted and assisted by your friendly staff, every moment a customer is engaging with your business – online or in-person – needs to be pleasant. The better the experience a customer has, the more likely they are to leave a nice review and recommend your store through word of mouth to a friend, leading to more potential positive reviews and new business.

Help Your Cannabis Customers: Use Clear Labels on Your Cannabis Packaging

Now that you’re equipped to bring in more customers with effective marketing, let’s talk about cannabis packaging. Believe it or not, you could have the best product in the world, hire the best marketing team, and still lose customers because the packaging your products came in were – for lack of a better term – “meh.” Your cannabis packaging has multiple purposes and addressing all of them with intent and creativity will not only retain your existing business, but also bring in new business as word-of-mouth spreads. Here are a few cannabis packaging tips to impress your customers and ensure your products retain their quality and freshness.

Cannabis packaging should appeal to your customers. Visually appealing and high-quality product packaging is an important deciding factor when customers are considering which cannabis products they want to purchase. Apart from the practical benefits of a quality product delivery system, the brand benefits of an impressively packaged product are convincing customers of the quality of your offering and building trust and credibility between your brand and your target market.

Cannabis packaging should be informative. It’s important to keep in mind that, when it comes to what is displayed on your product packaging, not every customer is the same. Some marijuana users partake recreationally, while others have medical reasons. For the latter especially, it is vitally important to have clear labels and information that is easy to read and understand about the product being sold. Medical symbols indicating the medicinal qualities and benefits of the cannabis product, attractive yet legible text on the label, and recognizable logos and imagery connected to your brand are all examples of exemplary cannabis packaging design attributes.

Cannabis packaging should protect and maintain the quality of the product. Perhaps the most important aspect of high-quality cannabis packaging is maintaining the freshness and condition of your products. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes and imagine this: you hop in your car on a Saturday morning to head to your local dispensary, intrigued to try out a new strain you saw on their menu. You arrive, park the car, head inside, wait in line for a few minutes, listen to the budtender explain all of the strain’s wonderful qualities and effects, and make your purchase. Finally, you head home, giddy with excitement, sit down to open your cannabis product, and where you expected to find a fresh, aromatic eighth of flower instead discover a dried-out, ineffective waste of money, as well as your Saturday morning. Not. Cool. As you can see, cannabis packaging that keeps your products air-tight and protected is extremely important and will help elevate your brand positioning and credibility.

Help Your Cannabis Customers: Final Tips

There are so many additional ways to provide a better experience and help your cannabis customers make informed decisions. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind before you start implementing your strategies:

For new customers who don’t really know what they want or where to start, it’s a good idea to recommend that they start with a low dosage and go slow and steady.

Suggest to customers looking for a different experience that there is more than one way to ingest cannabis, such as vaporizing, smoking, using tinctures, drops, or eating edibles. 

Recommend always having a strain of CBD on hand to customers to “counteract” the THC ingested in case they feel like they’ve taken too much. This is a great upsell opportunity that also works to show the customer you want them to have a good experience.

Train your budtenders to ask the right questions:

  • “Why are you buying cannabis? What kind of experience are you looking to have?” 
  • “How do you want to consume your cannabis?” 
  • “Have you tried cannabis before? Do you know your tolerance level?’ 
  • “Do you know about the different strain types (indica vs sativa)?” 
  • “Do you want something to help you sleep or boost your energy?”

If you have a poster or picture of a cannabinoid wheel on hand in your dispensary, you can help uncertain or first-time buyers understand a bit of the science behind the chemical makeup of different strains you sell to help them learn which ones might be best for them.

You may know that each cannabis harvest influences a strain’s smell, flavor, and effects, referred to as its terpene profile. Explaining this to curious buyers may help them make a purchasing choice and give them the impression that your staff is knowledgeable and willing to help.

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